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Friday, April 22, 2011

White Around The Collar: Homily: Holy Thursday

Ok. So I was googling where the quote of Mary's "why is this night so different than every other night?" in the Passion of the Christ came from and found this instead: White Around The Collar: Homily: Holy Thursday: "“Christ our Paschal Lamb has been sacrificed. Therefore let us celebrate the festival.” -1 Corinthians 5:7 My dear sisters in Christ, 1..."
Wow. I'm a fan of this blog!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a Matter of Time

Have you ever wondered about time? Lately I've been pondering where it comes and goes, when it strikes and when it slows, when it speaks and stands still. Since Kim's death these things have been so heavily in my mind. TIME. I can't say I like it nor can I say I hate it. Well, maybe I can hate it. (I seem to have been singing Clocks by Coldplay in my heart.) But there's a certain sense that remains unanswered.

I have a proposition for you this month. Ponder your time. Where has life taken you and where do you wish it will take you? Has it passed you by or for you has it slowed down? To give you more to ponder, here's a glimpse of what I've imagined.

I can't control time, yet sometimes I act like I can. I'm in this world with a steering wheel in front of me but the gas pedal is control over that, just the steering wheel. O, and there's no reverse. But there's a ton of rear view mirrors! Everything outside of the car: trees, roads, grass, buildings, hills, etc are events, people, and opportunities. And when you take interest in an event, person(s), or opportunity, time will sometimes slow down for you to turn the wheel towards that item. It's up to you. (The "emergency parking only" sign in the picture is for a good time would let us park! I sincerely wish.:) Will you fall asleep at the wheel or take interest and action? Or does fear keep you from acting upon your interest? So much to ponder...

Today after Mass (Church, Service, Revival...whatever you choose to call it) a boy 7 years younger than I asked me out on a date. This made me wonder what civilization has come to. Kidding. It gave me the opportunity to compare our ages and our times. Of course I turned him down in case you were itching to know! But the point is I have 7 more years under my belt than this kid. So how could we combine our times together? It would be quite uncomfortable if tried. And despite all of this, the guy still decided to take the chance and turn his steering wheel towards me. It was quite sweet. I admire his courage to ask an older girl out.

I hope that I too can take courage and turn my wheel toward things that are of interest to me, even if they seem impossible to acquire. The little man gives us hope. He didn't fear. Fear doesn't lead to happiness nor safety, nor anything that is good! Fear is for the fools. So let's enjoy time. Let's take risks! Imagine it's your favorite ride in an amusement park, although this ride isn't only for amusement. It's for something greater!