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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Weight Front

One thing I never joke about is weight. Every person born and over the age of 15 has a weight "problem". It starts when we are young. Pushed onto us by the adults. Everyone has received a comment about their weight be it nice or not so nice. My question is, "WHY EVEN COMMENT ON SOMEONE'S WEIGHT?" I don't understand. What does the weight of a person's body matter to anything besides health?? And therefore, no one has the right to say anything to another about their weight unless they are an MD and concerned for their health.

People don't get it when and if I say, "I'm sensitive about my weight" because they assume if I'm not overweight then I should have no problem. WRONG! And if they think I haven't been teased about my weight because I'm "thin" then they better think again. Ever since I was born people have had something to say about my weight....most of them without knowing me. As soon as I was born my grandmother had my mother take me to the doctors because she was "concerned" about my weight (being too thin). MD said nothing was at all wrong with my health. In first grade peers started measuring my wrists with their fingers. In 2nd grade me and my best friend (who had the same problem) would suck in our stomachs to give the kids something really to be joke about. We got a kick out of it. Middle school girls would tease me and another friend of mine who was thin. We were the "sticks". Boys would tease us because according to them, since they were experts in this field at age 12, we had no curves (this is putting it nicely instead of using their language.) High school came with both sexes doing these same things but also with comments such as, "I bet you can eat anything you want," or "have you eaten today?" and "let me feed you" and many of, "why don't you eat??"'s. These questions are extremely ignorant. Seriously. If I didn't eat, then I wouldn't be alive. And if I didn't eat today, would I be laughing as much as i do?? sheesh.

I've never been able to give blood because I "weigh below the limit." This is medically acceptable I guess but it just adds to the problem since not just peers and elders tell you this but officials in front of your peers. Giving them more ammunition for rude comments. Now that I'm past the college age, I still recieved ALL of these reactions and comments. From coworkers and bosses! Many of which are a few decades older than I am. Whoever says with age comes class is wrong!

Ever since I was in middle school I've tried gaining weight. I'd take my brother's creatine protein shakes. I'd eat a whole loaf of bread (parents hated me doing this) I'd double my servings, but nothing seemed to get me over the 5 pound gain mark. Now people are saying, "oh, (chuckle) just wait until you're older. You'll have the same problems as the rest of us." Like I'm some kind of alien! Dude, just because I have a different problem then yours doesn't make yours worse or worthy of more pity than mine. Just sayin....I'm totally venting.

Look, rude weight commenters, weight shouldn't even be talked about. But it's talked about during lunches, dinners, parties, meeting a friend you haven't seen in a while "you look fabulous *while checking you out up and down*." And since I do ballet the comments are double as often. "Oh, that's why you look like that." People have such classy manners. So polite in wording. Ha!

Let's all take a break from commenting on other people's weight. Who cares if they are x-small, small, medium, large, or x-large. We aren't french fries.

We are people. With feelings. And souls. And brains. Let's let the size front only matter with our coffee and french fry orders. There are so many other things to say to someone.

Much love to you all,