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Monday, May 2, 2011


I've never experienced someone reoccurring in my dreams before until now. My dreams are always different. But what doesn't change now is a particular someone. You know who that someone is if you've read the past few blogs posts. I was going to let these dreams sly and not think too much about them. But a coffee date with a good friend of mine transformed my thoughts. She said I should write everything I am being told in these dreams down. So, here's me attempting to remember some. Let's journey through some of my dreams.

The night before last Kim appeared in the dream while I was feeling anxious about making a decision. (I don't know what the decision was about) She took my hand and told me to take baby steps. And stayed with me as I made my first decision. Keep in mind I don't believe these dreams to be anything spectacular. I think her being there in them is just her way of telling me she loves me even though she's in Heaven. And that she knows I still need her; that's why she's not leaving my dreams.

Another dream: Last week I had a dream where I was seeking refuge. I found myself in many different places trying them on for size. I felt most at home in the studio, near close friends, and finally found myself in the Father's lap resting where I felt I was in Heaven. While resting there in His lap with my head on His shoulder Kim comes from behind Him and grazes her hand across His back to come to His front. He kisses my forehead and whispers His Love to me and steps back so I can see Kim face to face. We hug, talk and God the Father enters the conversation and the conversation between the three of us goes on the rest of the night till I woke up. This was my favorite and most crisp of the dreams I can remember so far.

The night before this dream Kim never left. She stayed with me throughout the night and wherever the dream took me, she went with me...which was strange to me, but I loved it! She came with me while I visit and argued with my family (what else is new?), she came to work with was just like she came to spend a few days with me. It was marvelous having her there with me.

Once I remember more I'll be back to write them down for you all to see...
Peace of Christ be with you!

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