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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Love. That's All. I Just Love.

There's a song that expresses how I feel most days:
It's crazy how this song nailed my feelings on the head. And I know this is how a lot of people feel too, which makes it incredible. I love how so many people love God. (Let's not focus on the ones that don't love Him right now, k? :)

So, it's mother's day and I just wanted to wish all you beautiful mothers out there in this world a happy and blessed mothers day! :) I don't know how y'all do it, so thank you for following your calling in being mothers! Truly remarkable. I just got off the phone with my mother. Yea, she totally left me stranded after middle school but at least she raised me till I was 13! Some people don't even get 13 years with their mothers, so I had to thank her for her selflessness by putting up with me for 13 years. We discussed how different we are (total extremes, us two) and laughed about it. She told me she never understood me because we were always so different. We always had different views. For instance, when she would ask me what I wanted my husband to look like, I answered with something along the lines of: "handsome, but he has to want to adopt orphans too." She has the typical girl mind (I'm the weird one.) She got excited over boys when she was young. I never did she said. Yes, I had crush after crush after crush, but she said they never were my goal. And she says she never understood that, because that was her goal. After talking about this she laughed and said, "Hope, it's going to take a really special guy to get you married." Ha! So true. I won't get married unless the guy is some kind of orphan loving, mission oriented, justice serving Catholic dude who is in love with God more than he's in love with me type of dude. Heck, I won't even date a guy unless he is someone like this! But alas, no one like this is ever interested in me! :) Plus, there are very few of these types of men. Anyhoo, I'm not planning on meeting anyone like this because I still don't see me spending my life on earth married with children. Instead, I see myself mentoring children and young adults and the sick. I see myself not as a housewife but as a servant to the world.

Anyway, keep listening to the song up above. It'll make you dance. :)

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