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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Yearning

Ever have the urge to have someone near you? Close by your side? Today I was contemplating this yearning we human beings have. I came to realize that it wasn't just me, but we all have this need to be near someone else besides ourselves. Nuns, monks, priests, hermits, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, single men and women; we all have this same need. My last post of my dream with Kim explains where these contemplations have risen.

I have always wanted to be close to Kim, even when she aggravated or perturbed me. I wanted her near me. Still do! I don't know her feelings towards me when she passed, but I know my yearning to be near her never subsided. So the flopping in the dreams of my following her and her following me posed the question in my mind of who yearns for who and what this might mean or what the cause of it all is. It led me to the Adoration Chapel (where the Eucharist is held) to ask from the Creator of these yearnings and the answers to the questions. While there on the floor in the fetal prostration before the Shepard I realized...that if we ever lack affection from someone, He is there with affection for us. If we ever lack affection for someone, He teaches us how to live affectionately. Which answers the question so many people have for priests and nuns: "Aren't you lonely without a spouse? Don't you long for a spouse for affection?"

Christ gives us everything we ever need and desire. He built this desire of affection within us--of course He'll fulfil it! I noticed in myself that if I don't get my desired dose of affection, I'm in front of the Eucharist soaking all the Love in whether in Mass, Adoration, or Reconciliation (Confession). He won't leave you starving. No! He lavishes all His riches of love on you when you need it. And for me and all the other single people, we just happen to desire more of Him than those who get their desired dose of affection from their spouse. We frequent the Sacraments a wee bit more often, but I wouldn't have it any other way. This is why we desire affection from others, it simply brings us closer to God! The one who can shove more love on you than any other being! He can shove ALL He wants. I am here accepting Him.

I'll have to leave you with a song that popped into my head while leaving Adoration. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson. And don't forget!: "happy is the heart that still feels pain." Enjoy and see you all in a few!

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